Why is Owning Better than Hot Water Heater Rental?

During the winter months, a water heater can make a huge difference in your life. Of course, if you live in a place that is perpetually cold such as Ontario, a water heater is a necessity in your home. When it comes to getting one, you will typically have two choices before you. You can buy a water heater outright. Alternatively, you can opt for hot water heater rental.

While each one of them has their own pros and cons, buying a water heater is a much better decision than renting one. There are several reasons why this is the case.

hot water heater rental

The Problems with RentingĀ a water heater

The Financial Outlay: At first, renting might seem like a good option. However, that is only for the short term. The costs of renting can easily add up to a significant amount after a couple of years. Some companies do allow you to keep the water heater permanently after a certain amount has been met in rentals. However, by that time, you will have paid a lot more for a water heater that is several years old. With the same amount of money, you might have been able to buy a completely new water heater.

The Repairs: Maintaining water heaters is a must. Most rental companies will offer free repair and maintenance services. However, replacements are another story. Since most companies will offer you old water heaters for rental, you may have to get parts replaced. Since parts are expensive, your costs increase significantly. A new water heater is less likely to suffer from issues requiring replacement. Moreover, the replacement might be covered within the warranty program. Rentals rarely give you a comprehensive warranty program.

The Contract: One of the major issues with renting water heaters is the contract. These contracts are typically long and quite complex. However, the main problem lies in the area of exiting the contract. It can be quite difficult to get out of a rental contract. You may even have to pay penalties or other charges to get rid of the contract.


Ownership is better

As you can see, renting a water heater is not the best of options you have, especially if you want a long term solution. If you are going to stay in your home for years down the line, it will be a much better decision to go ahead and buy a water heater.

The costs associated with a purchase may seem a lot. However, compared to the long term costs of hot water heater rental, it will be a better deal. As such, it is worth paying for a new water heater and the installation now. You will, of course, get warranties that ensure that problems in the water heater do not affect you at all.

While ownership is a better option than rental, you should always check the features of the water heater first. After all, it will be an investment for the future. As such, the water heater should be of a good quality so that it lasts for years.