OCCCI or the Ontario Civil Construction Incorporation aims at promoting the civil construction industry in Ontario and increasing more work opportunities in this sector. Construction is one of the most important industries in Ontario. With so many people migrating to our lovely country, construction is required in every aspect form schools, houses, to commercial buildings.

Through our organization, you will be able to learn and grow in the civil construction company. When you become a part of OCCCI, you will be first educated with the required knowledge and the things you need to be aware of when going in the construction industry. After the initial formal training, you can then join one of the exciting fields in the construction industry.

We also offer programs for people that want to learn the basics of civil construction with the special focus being on youth. Young people are the most energetic for this field, and this is one of the best ways to start their careers.Some of our famous programs are as follows:

Fast track CYP – The fast track civil youth program

CCYP – The civil construction youth program

Advanced Construction – The advanced program for intermediates

DUAL Credit Construction Program –  A diploma plus a bridging program in one of the construction courses at university level


You can also check out the job offers we have for you to grow at OCCCI. Keep following and stay up to with the opportunities here at OCCCI. You can contact us to inquire about any program or job opportunities by filling in the contact form. You can also contact us at info@occci.a.