Gun Safe Dial Locks: Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing Combinations

Did your grandfather just make your 25th birthday extra special but handing you over the family heirlooms. Well, with such precious family jewels on your hand, it’s fundamental that you’ll require the quintessential jewelry safe.

However, these days finding a safe isn’t all that difficult, it’s handling one. Well, what’s so difficult? You might simply punch the casual easy to remember digits in your combination safe and think, viola now it’s protected.

But, a lot can go wrong! For starters did you know that Data Genetics’ report claims that more than one-fifth of combination safe users pick the digits “0000”, “1234”, and “1111”, for their safes?

Well, undoubtedly these are easy to recall, but so are these making the lives of thieves easier. Hence, if you’re about to purchase a jewelry safe, first be sure that you don’t make these combination lock mistakes.

jewelry safe
Let’s Begin:

  1. Electronic Lock Gun Safe

This type of safe normally offers a 6-digit combination that allows a user to set it up as soon as delivered. Now, what most people do is go for repeating digits or do sequential series. The reason being these are easy to remember and less complicated.

However, going for numbers like “000000” or “123456” or “222222”, are bad choices as these are easily deciphered. Additionally, keeping the anniversaries or birthdays of loved ones are also not feasible, as with social media and documents these are also easily available.


Instead, opt for smarter combinations, alternate odd numbers, or use a unique combination. If required write it down somewhere safe and secure, to prevent chances of hackers accessing your safe.

  1. Dial Lock

Dial locks are traditional and are undoubtedly the most secure ones. However, often when it comes to jewelry safe, people end up using combinations that end with “30-10”-45” or even go for “0”-“5”.

Another precise mistake made by users is using numbers in ascending or descending order. You might be going “33”-23”-“13”, or “13”-23”-“33”. Such numbers are again obvious and can make it easy for a safe thief to crack open the code and steal your precious family heirlooms.

Hence, don’t use sequential numbers, and pick haphazard numbers, that can be difficult for anyone to guess.

jewelry safe

Pro tip: Numbers that range from 90-99 and 0-20 as not good options when it comes to maintaining the end combinations. Either alternate or mix up to get a secure combination that unbreakable.

Moving on, now that you’ve established the mistakes to avoid when choosing a combination lock, there is the problem of remembering it. In that case, the best option is to write down the password into a memo or a notepad in your cell phone which is passcode protected. So, either go for that, or you can write it down in a paper and keep it secure inside a cupboard under lock and key.

All in all, ensure that you buy jewelry safe from a reputed store, as these also come with helpline options, in case you forget your combinations and you can’t open your safe.