Common Issues Dealing With Interlocking Pavers

Interlocking pavers can be a great way to improve the look and feel around your home, offices, or shops. Interlocking bricks can add a classic look a driveway or to the patios or any other walkways or pavements. Thereby, it can help with the beautification of a place.The pavers come in a wide variety of color and sizes. Homeowners can easily create a European style setting with the interlocking bricks. This kind of setting can easily create a long lasting impression. However, placing pavers improperly can lead to serious issues that cannot be overlooked.

Therefore, it is crucial to remain aware of certain issues that are often faced with pavers.

interlocking pavers

  • Stains

One of the common issues that are found with interlocking concrete pavers is stains. Any unsealed paving stones can develop oil stains or tire marks.

Hence, in order to avoid the stains from appearing, it is important to use a sealer. Always, try to use a sealer immediately after you have completed installing the pavers. However, you can also use it during the maintenance or cleaning period of the pavers.

  • Weeds

Another major issue that is faced with interlocking pavers is the growth of weeds from beneath the pavers. Actually, the weeds start to grow from the sand present in between the joints.

One of the best ways to prohibit weeds from destroying the appearance of the paving stones is to use appropriate joint sand.

  • Improper Base

If your base is not correct, no matter how well your pavers are placed, it will not stand the test of time. Even if a ground seems to be even, with passage of time, you may find the pavers to become unequal. Basically, it happens because of an uneven base.

Often, it is seen that soft soil base like clay may start to shift or may expand depending on water level. If needed, processes gravel can be used before the contractors places the pavers across the driveways. Hence, before laying down the pavers, it is important to take the base into consideration.

  • Shifting

The expansion of soil often leads to the shifting of pavement stones. In case, you live in a area that is affected by flooding, you should than ask your contractor to use a geotextile fabric. It can help in reducing the shifting of unstable soil. On the other hand, contractors can use polymeric sand for filling in the gaps that can help to avoid the shifting of interlocking pavers and destroying the beauty of the place.

  • Edges of Pavers May Disappear

Often, you might have noticed edges of pavers placed in your walkway or driveway. It can happen when the soil underneath the pavers washes away. This kind of problem can be easily avoided with the help of filter fabric.

These are some common issues faced by pavers.

However, before you can create a long lasting impression, it is important to lay the interlocking bricks correctly. With correctly placed interlocking pavers, creating any interesting patterns becomes easy. It can definitely increase the beauty of the place.