Best Summer Color Trends and Where to Paint Them

Summer is one of the hectic times for painting companies Toronto. The reason being summers are longer and offer the correct climate for paint drying. Additionally, in summers, most homeowners plan their winter weddings, or child’s nursery and hence, painters take up numerous home renovation projects.

So, as per the speculations of these painting companies, this summer if you’re thinking to renovate a few of your rooms, it’s best to know the color trends.

Today, this article will show you the trending colors for summer 2019, and which room to will reflect particular shades best.


  1. Cobalt Blue

Electrifying, revitalizing and relaxing all at once, cobalt blue is loved by all painting companies Toronto. It is moreover, ideal if you wish to bolster focus and concentration. Thus, this shade is best for study rooms and office walls. Further, the shade is attractive and won’t ruin your good mood owing to its attractive outlook.

  1. Vibrant Yellow

As per numerous painting companies Toronto, vibrant yellow is another shade which is most selected by homeowners. Owing to its canary sunshine vibe it boosts aesthetics while promoting optimism in homes. So, combine this vibrant yellow with a basic shade of grey to deliver an eclectic feel to rooms.

Further, if you add complimentary wallpapers and décor to your yellow room, it’ll work to amplify your room and make it look state-of-the-art.

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  1. Apple Red

Summer encompasses longer afternoons, warmth and brighter days. So, picking a vibrant apple red for your dining or kitchen is a good idea. This red help boost passion, motivation, and radiates an aura of productivity.

Thus, decking a kitchen or living room helps make the home feel alive and in motion.

  1. Bright Orange

Now, orange is energy boosting shade; bright and revitalizing, orange is ideal for gyms or living rooms. However, an entire wall of orange can be taxing and overwhelming, so ask one of those painting companies Toronto, to strategically integrate orange in your homerooms.

Combing the correct amount of orange will help make a room look bold and sophisticated.

  1. Sky Blue

Another unique shade that reflects the perfect aura of the easy breezy summer days is sky blue. This one is relaxing, soft and instigates sleep. So, opt for sky blue in case you are preparing for a newborn’s nursery. However, do not opt for sky blue if you are planning to paint a whole room.

An entire room of sky blue might weigh down the room with a gloomy appeal. Instead, combine sky blue with contrasting shades like bright yellow or others to give your room a radiating feel.

  1. Gorgeous Pink

Mischievous, feminine and elegant, pink is another beautiful shade that reflects the jolliness of summers. So, in case you wish your rooms to looks state of the art, use pink on one of your bedroom walls.


However, like blue, you don’t want the shade to overwhelm you. Hence, ask one of those painting companies Toronto on colors that compliment pink. You can pick crème or burgundy etc.

Well, now that you know of the trending shades to pick hurry and find the best painting contractors in town, to give your rooms a splendid makeover.