What do White Quartz Countertops in Toronto offer?

Are you thinking of renewing your countertop? Have you contemplated the White quartz countertops? These are the vanguard within this type of surfaces. They are resistant and easy to clean, although what really makes the difference is the variety and quality of the finishes in which we can find them.

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What are White Quartz Countertops?

They are countertops for kitchen and bathroom manufactured through an industrial process where quartz, approximately 95%, resins, and pigments are used. The use of quartz, one of the most resistant materials that we can find in nature, gives it great resistance to the result. The combination of resins and pigments adds the possibility of creating all kinds of designs and textures.

Designs of White Toronto Quartz Countertops

As we have said, quartz Toronto countertops are available in a growing variety of designs and textures. It is due to its manufacturing process, during which quartz is mixed with different pigments. In this way, the possible options or designs are a technical and imagination issue.

They are without a doubt the best option for those who are looking for a quality worktop with homogeneous colour, even white. As for the patterns, the possibilities are not negligible, the quality of these and the designs have higher quality every day. We can find them original or imitating other materials such as marble.

Regarding the textures on the quartz surfaces, we find essentially Polished and rough finishes. Within the latter, different grades can be seen, so that some brands make distinctions based on this roughness. However, smooth or polished textures predominate.

Advantages and Disadvantages of White Quartz Toronto countertops for kitchens and bathrooms

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Among the Advantages of white quartz kitchen countertops include:

  • Due to its manufacturing process, during which this surface is polished through an advanced engineering process, it is not necessary to initially or periodically seal this type of countertops for bathrooms and kitchens.
  • They are antibacterial.
  • The patterns and colours are more homogeneous, which favours the combination with other decorative elements such as floors, tiles, etc.
  • There are several manufacturers that offer the possibility of integrating the sink perfectly in the countertop, which means greater aesthetic uniformity and a perfect result.
  • They are easy to clean and have greater resistance to aggressive cleaners.
  • Great resistance to scratches and bumps.
  • With these quartz compounds, not only countertops are manufactured, but also floors, wall cladding, etc. This increases the possibilities considerably.


  • These quartz surfaces are heat resistant; however, if this is extreme it can damage them. Avoid putting pots or pans with which you were cooking at high temperatures immediately on the countertop, if you do, use a placemat.
  • If they are damaged, they are practically impossible to repair.
  • Some chemicals can deteriorate brightness and colour. For example, water-repellent products such as strippers or caustic soda, also bleach and solvents.
  • Not all quartz countertops are the same, and of course, not all have the same characteristics. Before finally deciding on a design and a manufacturer, be interested in the tests against bumps, scratches or stains that the manufacturer must have passed.

Reconstruction of the basement Vs. Remodeling Vs. Finishing of the basement

Did you understand that there is a variation between reconstructing your basement, remodeling it and completing it? Although these conditions may seem comparable, they are, in reality, completely distinct initiatives. So you should understand the distinction between basement refurbishment, remodeling, and closure before you call a cellar contractor for a briefing.

So, what’s that difference?

basement finishing

Renovation of the basement

Renovating a basement includes creating changes to the Toronto basement renovation by doing renovations and upgrading some elements of the basement such as building latest counters or other equipment. The aim of basement refurbishment is to rebuild a broken underground room to its initial state; for instance, pulling out the floor tiles after water leaks and removing them, or creating artistic enhancements to your basement that will enhance the image of your basement.

A plan to renovate the basement is typically a fast and simple job. To rebuild your basement, you just need about 2 weeks.

Toronto basement finishing

Remodeling of the basement

Basement Remodeling gets a stage further than renovating it by creating major adjustments to the basement’s design and construction. Essentially, it implies that basement adjustment to be made, so important modifications such as piping to be done underground to a current basement are instances of remodeling the basement. This also implies that it requires a bit more expertise, moment and knowledge to complete remodeling a cellar than it would be to renovate it.

In addition to span, remodeling is more expensive than refurbishment. Remodeling a basement requires about 4-6 weeks.

Finishing of the basement

Basement finishing Toronto is placing it from the sketch. An incomplete cellar does not have the components that render it sustainable. Finishing of the basement implies installing drywall, plumbing, ventilation, legal exit, insulation, and flooring. In a nutshell, basement completion (or basement design) implies you are planning a foundation that can either be renovated or refurbished in the future.

Basement completion begins with a building permit operation that requires up to 10 workdays. Once your license is completed, the final phase is generally 2 weeks lengthy.

Another main distinction between refurbishment, remodeling and completing is that refurbishment can be a homeowner’s DIY undertaking while basement remodeling and completing require a skilled, certified contractor.

basement finishing in Toronto

Why do you have to understand the difference?

Knowing the differentiation between remodeling, renovating and completing your basement enables you to know what your choices are. While both bring importance to your house, completion and remodeling generally involve more comprehensive job and will, therefore, price more than refurbishment. As a consequence, you’re going to create much better decisions about your cellar venture:

Moreover, knowing the distinction between Basement initiatives guarantees that your basement is up for the city legislation. Building regulations are constantly changing, and security regulations are continually being modified. This implies that basements aged than 15-20 years are obsolete and potentially dangerous to stay in. Requirements for products, plumbing, installing, window and gate, power-efficiency suggestions have altered.

For example, if you want to renovate a cellar older than 15-20 decades, you must first spend in a renovation to render it legal. Then you can start your refurbishment venture with confidence, understanding that it cooperates with city laws and is power-efficient.

Replacements at the front doorway: Effect your Curb Appeal

You need to look for other seller’s also if you’re attempting to sell your house. There are many other homeowners selling their houses at elevated rates with the same objectives. Thankfully, replacing the front gate is a simple way to get your house identified and stick out.

windows and doors

Why Did Curb Appeal Matter?

In the actual property market, home supply for sale appears to be higher than customers ‘ demand. This is great customer content, though, and bad news for sellers.

You’re fighting against all the other vendors in your region if you want to sell your house. There are a lot of places you can get your match up. Many of these techniques, however, are costly. They’re not clear either.

You need a cost-effective manner to make it clear that your house is the finest choice for possible customers. While internal remodelling can assist you to sell your house, at first look it is not clear. External modifications, such as alternatives to the front gate, impact curb appeal. As an outcome, individuals realize the modification from the road.

doors and windows markham

Forming a Great First Impression

Curb appeal refers to forming a great first impression. He sees the outside when a potential customer arrives at your house. The first item that he notices is your front gate, driveways, and sideways. He will realize it if anything is out of location or broken down. Thus your Windows and Doors Markham should look good.

Buyers often return to that first feeling. Multiple houses have probably been visited by a person. This first feeling is what sticks out when he connects those houses in his brain.

You need to imagine your curb appeal if you want to create a nice first feeling. Little upgrade creates a large difference, like replacing the front gate. They create a fresh, modern, and attractive feel for your house. Potential customers will also suppose that they will fit what’s in there and be more forced to continue looking around.

Many vendors prefer to neglect the house’s exterior especially replacing windows and doors in Markham. Fixing the outside, though, is a simple way to create your house stick out. When you have curb appeal, you can sell your house faster and at a greater sales cost.

windows and doors makham

Front Door Replacements for Curb Appeal

Your front gate is contacted by every possible customer. In reality, it is possible that before finishing the car, each customer will notice your front gate. It’s a focus point that’s not going unnoticed.

An old, dull door doesn’t pull your customers attention. He will not get good vibes as he enters through a tired out gate. No matter how lovely your house may be, it may create your house seem unattractive due to that negativity.

A buyer is probable to refuse to purchase a home because he doesn’t love the front gate. The front gate, moreover, is probable to have a hidden impact on his choice. Here are only some explanations why the front gate affects your curb appeal so greatly:

It tells a great deal about safety

People are interested in living in a safe home. If you’ve got a faded-out front gate, then security doesn’t seem a concern. Prospects may find your house sensitive to burglars.

Surprising Things The Luxury Boards Condos Could Do To You

There are many actions which a Condo board can take with you, you might not be even knowing about that. In recent times there has been a lot of court decisions and cases regarding Airbnb. New condos in Toronto follow a strict set of rules and regulations. The people who have lived in luxury condos have heard the terms like condo fees, and board, but they cannot do anything regarding the community as it seems complicated.

new condos toronto

Your top 5 things which your luxury condo board in Toronto might do

  1. Sell your unit

A condo can be never sold, this is one of the most serious interferences with the rights of ownership. This is also one of the reasons why people want to buy their own homes to enjoy the freedom of being a rightful owner. But in some cases, the luxury Condo board in Toronto can force you to sell the condo, like if you have not paid, the fees. Also, the fees can never be negotiated even if they become too expensive. This is the fees paid by the owners for the maintenance of the building and the use of amenities. These are also used as emergency funds for the new condos Toronto. The worst thing is you cannot opt out of paying the fees just when you decide not using the amenities.
condos in toronto

  1. Ban pet animals

Many new condos Toronto have fixed rules about pets, so don’t be surprised if you find a Condo in Toronto which has banned pets. There are laws, which restricts pets and the owners have to follow the rules accordingly. Most of the boards have a no pet policy in the agreement. There are some exceptions in which pets can be allowed.

  1. You have no right over the renovations and Decor

You will be surprised to know that even after spending thousands of dollars on the down payment of the luxury condo, you can be fined for choosing the wrong shade of color for the exteriors, you can also not change the cosmetic features of your living space. Even if you want to change the times of your old kitchen floor you have to take the permission of the board. Many people get away with this and completely disregard this room. But if the board finds out about unauthorized renovation you could be fined heavily.  condos toronto

  1. Limitation on occupancy

There is a strict limitation on the use of amenities, and luxury condos in Toronto are limited to single-family dwellings. There is also a rule which allows only two people in one single sleeping room. This is considered to be one of the strangest rules that are followed in the new condos Toronto.

  1. The unit may enter your condo

This is a rare rule, but in case of emergencies like a fire or any other management, the board is authorized to enter your condo without prior notice, they can also enter your building for inspection of heating systems, cooling systems, and smoke detectors. To find more information bout condos click here!

4 Kinds of Blinds to Buy for Your New Home

Are you recently, considering buying custom blinds Toronto for your new home? That’s great news! Blinds are cost effective, available in a plethora of colors, textures, and options. What’s more? These are excellent options for providing required insulation.

However, the problem arises when you don’t know which blinds to pick for your home, or how to use them effectively. No to worry! With this blog, you’ll soon know of the ways to pick and use blinds.


  1. Wood Blinds

One good option to pick for your custom blinds Toronto is wood blinds. These are aesthetically appealing, easy to operate and deliver a look of old school charm to windows that work to exemplify the home décor.

What’s more? As these are natural, these are compatible with any kind of interior decorations. You can pick from shades of deep ebony to light pine for a modern or old world aura.

  1. Mini Blinds

If you have unique décor that needs specified custom blinds Toronto then the best option is to pick mini blinds. Not only are these inexpensive but these also offer a wide range of customization and color that can fit the type of décor your home has.

Pick either aluminum or vinyl and before buying check the blind’s thickness. This will help you determine how well a particular blind can contain light issues.

Also, these blinds are very simple to operate. Simply with the twist of a wand, these can be opened and closed. Further, you can control the amount of light entering along with privacy with these mini blinds.

blinds in toronto

  1. Panel Track Blinds

Panel Track Blinds are a lot like the vertical blinds without the clicking and clacking or hang-ups. Now, if you have a large glass space then these blinds are great options to pick from. You can pick from wood, solar panels to woven wood and basic vinyl. Further, these are available in a plethora of colors which make these great options to pick from.

  1. Faux Wood Blinds

If you cannot afford those super attractive wooden blinds, then why not go for the faux wood blinds for your custom blinds Toronto. These are first, less expensive and give the look of pure wood blinds.

Additionally, these don’t wrap, don’t fade and are very easy to clean and maintain. Tough and durable all you need to do is clean them with soap and a washcloth.

custom blinds toronto

Moving on, Tips to Buy Blinds:

  1. First, decide on the room you wish to furnish. Different rooms have various personalities and thus, knowing which room to pick blinds for helps you understand the type of blind to buy. For example, if you want to pick blinds for the kitchen then go for light filtering or sheer shadings.
  2. Make sure to measure the blind space beforehand to understand the right size to pick. This way you’ll know whether to get custom or mini blinds.
  3. For expert advice talk to a blind developing professional or a window specialist to understand the type of blind best suited for your home/room.
  4. Lastly, find a good company to invest in. Read customer testimonials and product descriptions before investing.

Well, now that you know of the different types of custom blinds Toronto to get, find the most suited ones for your purpose. Good luck!

Best Summer Color Trends and Where to Paint Them

Summer is one of the hectic times for painting companies Toronto. The reason being summers are longer and offer the correct climate for paint drying. Additionally, in summers, most homeowners plan their winter weddings, or child’s nursery and hence, painters take up numerous home renovation projects.

So, as per the speculations of these painting companies, this summer if you’re thinking to renovate a few of your rooms, it’s best to know the color trends.

Today, this article will show you the trending colors for summer 2019, and which room to will reflect particular shades best.


  1. Cobalt Blue

Electrifying, revitalizing and relaxing all at once, cobalt blue is loved by all painting companies Toronto. It is moreover, ideal if you wish to bolster focus and concentration. Thus, this shade is best for study rooms and office walls. Further, the shade is attractive and won’t ruin your good mood owing to its attractive outlook.

  1. Vibrant Yellow

As per numerous painting companies Toronto, vibrant yellow is another shade which is most selected by homeowners. Owing to its canary sunshine vibe it boosts aesthetics while promoting optimism in homes. So, combine this vibrant yellow with a basic shade of grey to deliver an eclectic feel to rooms.

Further, if you add complimentary wallpapers and décor to your yellow room, it’ll work to amplify your room and make it look state-of-the-art.

painting companies toronto

  1. Apple Red

Summer encompasses longer afternoons, warmth and brighter days. So, picking a vibrant apple red for your dining or kitchen is a good idea. This red help boost passion, motivation, and radiates an aura of productivity.

Thus, decking a kitchen or living room helps make the home feel alive and in motion.

  1. Bright Orange

Now, orange is energy boosting shade; bright and revitalizing, orange is ideal for gyms or living rooms. However, an entire wall of orange can be taxing and overwhelming, so ask one of those painting companies Toronto, to strategically integrate orange in your homerooms.

Combing the correct amount of orange will help make a room look bold and sophisticated.

  1. Sky Blue

Another unique shade that reflects the perfect aura of the easy breezy summer days is sky blue. This one is relaxing, soft and instigates sleep. So, opt for sky blue in case you are preparing for a newborn’s nursery. However, do not opt for sky blue if you are planning to paint a whole room.

An entire room of sky blue might weigh down the room with a gloomy appeal. Instead, combine sky blue with contrasting shades like bright yellow or others to give your room a radiating feel.

  1. Gorgeous Pink

Mischievous, feminine and elegant, pink is another beautiful shade that reflects the jolliness of summers. So, in case you wish your rooms to looks state of the art, use pink on one of your bedroom walls.


However, like blue, you don’t want the shade to overwhelm you. Hence, ask one of those painting companies Toronto on colors that compliment pink. You can pick crème or burgundy etc.

Well, now that you know of the trending shades to pick hurry and find the best painting contractors in town, to give your rooms a splendid makeover.

Gun Safe Dial Locks: Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing Combinations

Did your grandfather just make your 25th birthday extra special but handing you over the family heirlooms. Well, with such precious family jewels on your hand, it’s fundamental that you’ll require the quintessential jewelry safe.

However, these days finding a safe isn’t all that difficult, it’s handling one. Well, what’s so difficult? You might simply punch the casual easy to remember digits in your combination safe and think, viola now it’s protected.

But, a lot can go wrong! For starters did you know that Data Genetics’ report claims that more than one-fifth of combination safe users pick the digits “0000”, “1234”, and “1111”, for their safes?

Well, undoubtedly these are easy to recall, but so are these making the lives of thieves easier. Hence, if you’re about to purchase a jewelry safe, first be sure that you don’t make these combination lock mistakes.

jewelry safe
Let’s Begin:

  1. Electronic Lock Gun Safe

This type of safe normally offers a 6-digit combination that allows a user to set it up as soon as delivered. Now, what most people do is go for repeating digits or do sequential series. The reason being these are easy to remember and less complicated.

However, going for numbers like “000000” or “123456” or “222222”, are bad choices as these are easily deciphered. Additionally, keeping the anniversaries or birthdays of loved ones are also not feasible, as with social media and documents these are also easily available.


Instead, opt for smarter combinations, alternate odd numbers, or use a unique combination. If required write it down somewhere safe and secure, to prevent chances of hackers accessing your safe.

  1. Dial Lock

Dial locks are traditional and are undoubtedly the most secure ones. However, often when it comes to jewelry safe, people end up using combinations that end with “30-10”-45” or even go for “0”-“5”.

Another precise mistake made by users is using numbers in ascending or descending order. You might be going “33”-23”-“13”, or “13”-23”-“33”. Such numbers are again obvious and can make it easy for a safe thief to crack open the code and steal your precious family heirlooms.

Hence, don’t use sequential numbers, and pick haphazard numbers, that can be difficult for anyone to guess.

jewelry safe

Pro tip: Numbers that range from 90-99 and 0-20 as not good options when it comes to maintaining the end combinations. Either alternate or mix up to get a secure combination that unbreakable.

Moving on, now that you’ve established the mistakes to avoid when choosing a combination lock, there is the problem of remembering it. In that case, the best option is to write down the password into a memo or a notepad in your cell phone which is passcode protected. So, either go for that, or you can write it down in a paper and keep it secure inside a cupboard under lock and key.

All in all, ensure that you buy jewelry safe from a reputed store, as these also come with helpline options, in case you forget your combinations and you can’t open your safe.


4 Reasons Why You Need to Consider Garage Door Service Nepean

Garage door is one of the most overlooked parts of a home. People even after using it daily often fail to spot the door unless and until it starts malfunctioning. Take care of the door at the eleventh hour don’t really bring in any major change. Thus, people tend to opt for new doors wasting a whole lot of bucks.

Prevention is always better than cure. Hence, individuals should pay heed to the condition of the garage door to keep it in a stable condition. Instead of a complete replacement, one can continue with the same door for ages if proper garage door service Nepean is done.

However, many may not be wary of the condition and fail to identify when it is required to proper servicing. To cater to this crisis, here come the major reasons when one need to consider garage door repairing:

garage door repair Nepean

  • Prevalence of damaged tracks

Generally, a garage door is supposed to move smoothly on its tracks. However, if you begin to notice sudden grating noises while operating the garage door, you should consider hiring a garage door service Nepean. The main reason for this noise is the bending of the tracks. The touch of professional mechanics can ameliorate the condition of the tracks without much ado.

  • Presence of broken springs

This is another case when the individuals need to opt for a door service. Many often encounter situations where they face difficulties while raising or lowering the door. This is mainly because they experience problem with the door spring.

A spring is extremely crucial to counterbalance the weight of a garage door. It provides the primary driving force for offsetting the mass. However, such springs have a lifespan of approximately 10,000 cycles. So, when the springs are broken, people find difficulty in using the door.

In such a situation, it is always advisable to call for professional garage door service Nepean. It is seen people in an attempt to repair the door often hurt themselves. A professional company with proper assessment repairs the door with right skills.

nepean garage door

  • Door Opener Malfunctions

The opener often plays the part of a vamp that renders a poor condition of the garage door. Facing a malfunction like this, people firstly need to check the batteries inside the garage door remote. If there is no sign of improvement after substituting the old ones with new batteries, it’s time to knock the door of the professionals.

  • Misalignment of photo eye

In Canada, garage doors which are installed on 1994 and onwards possess photo eye sensor. This is an indispensable addition that is responsible for identifying any obstacles on the garage door path. So, people who face problem in closing or opening the door, it’s confirmed that there is issue with the photo eye sensors. Taking help of a reputable garage door service Nepean can be the best bet.

nepean garage door repair

The above-mentioned reasons are the major ones when people need to consider garage door service. Opting for a good garage door service company can provide superior maintenance service at a competitive price.  For more information Click this link!

Buying Gold in Toronto? Your Search Ends Here

Is gold a great investment? Should I invest in gold? These are some basic questions which might come to the mind of commoner and even investors. After all, gold as a global commodity is respected throughout the world. In fact, gold has maintained a great value throughout ages. Now, gold is being considered for a long-term investment. Investors are simply looking forward to buy gold in toronto in small quantities. Those who plan to buy gold in huge quantities often opt for gold ETFs. As a matter of fact, there are various reasons to invest in gold. The reasons are:
It can act as a safe haven during the financial crisis or economic turmoil.
It acts as a hedge during inflation.
A great investment for diversifies one’s portfolio.
It can help to increase one’s wealth.

Buying Gold in Canada

Whether one plans to purchase gold bars or coins for investment purpose, or for increasing one’s wealth; buying gold is very easy. However, studies have shown that average people don’t know where to get started. A lot of questions move around one’s mind when thinking about how and who can buy gold in toronto.

Well, apart from investors, the government is also buying gold. However, before one takes the attempt to purchase gold, one needs to learn about the options available in front of them. Basically, purchasing gold bullion is not that difficult. The process is just the same as in other countries.

As a matter of fact, Canadian gold is sold directly by the bullion dealers, government, banks, and even private sellers. However, many online dealers are also selling gold bars and coins of various weights. The only difference from a retail store or dealer and online dealer is that the former charges high premium over the spot price. Online stores don’t usually charge such high premium.

buy gold in toronto

How to Buy Gold?

If you are planning to buy gold in Toronto, you can easily go to the online stores. However, prior to investing in gold bullion, one needs to consider the different types of bullion that are available for them. However, when buying gold online, one needs to do a thorough research.

  • Going for Small Weights

    Gold is always the best asset as it can provide financial security in times of crisis. It would be better if one invests in gold bars of smaller weights. Smaller weight gold bars or coins are very affordable

  • Shopping Online

Unlike the brick-and-mortar store, online stores don’t charge a high premium from customers when they buy gold in toronto online. It’s because they don’t have to pay any overhead costs. Hence, they charge less for the product.

buy gold in toronto

  • Purchasing Stock

An alternate way to buy gold in toronto is to go for the stocks of the gold producing companies. Instead of purchasing gold bullion, purchasing a stock or ETF requires very little cost.

buy gold in toronto

In whatever form one plan to purchase gold, investing in gold can be great for one’s portfolio. However, while purchasing gold, going for private mints is advisable. The excellent craftsmanship that goes into designing the rounds makes them a good choice over government mints. Get more tips on investing and selling gold jewellery here!


How to Clean External Doors & Windows Correctly?

One of the first things which will grab the attention of guests while entering a house is the front door and windows nearby. For homeowners, creating a lasting impression on the mind of their guest is very important. With exterior doors and windows, completely cleaned it can easily create a great impression on the mind of the people.

Doors and windows Toronto installers states that exterior doors and windows are exposed to various kind of exterior elements all over the year. It gets exposed to storm, sun, dust, soot, or grime, and it becomes dirty. In order to prevent visitors getting a bad impression, external windows and doors need to be cleaned from time to time.

windows and doors toronto

Cleaning Is Important

Cleaning can make the external doors and windows look their very best. In order to keep the windows and doors look sparkling, you would need to clean it from time to time. Although, homeowners might feel that cleaning doors and windows is an easy task. Unfortunately, it is not.

Homeowners might be well aware of the fact that doors and windows Toronto comes in various kinds of sizes and materials, such as solid wood, aluminum, wooden panels, vinyl, and UPVC. Hence, for cleaning the doors and windows, right kind of cleaning solutions and method needs to be chosen.

Choosing Right Cleaning Solutions

It does not matter whether one’s door is made up of glass panels or wood panels, professional cleaners can help homeowners with the cleaning job. Commercial cleaners have wide years of experience in cleaning window frames and doors as well as glass doors. However, if one plans to clean doors and windows Toronto on their own, they should be careful over choosing the cleansing material.

A safe bet would be to go for home-made cleaning solution. For instance, liquid soap, baking soda can be mixed with warm water and used to remove dust and other marks from the external doors and windows. Or, for cleaning glass windows or doors, a solution of washing liquid, little bit of white vinegar, and little bit of warm water can be used.

toronto windows and doors

Cleaning Doors and Windows

Doors and windows Toronto cleaners state that a common mistake which is often made by homeowners is that they straightaway go to washing them. Doing it can make the external doors and windows look even dirty. In order to avoid such mess, first of all dust and debris needs to be wiped off and then cleaning should be done.

While cleaning doors and windows Toronto through pressure washing technique, one need to be very watchful. The force exercised by pressure washer can be very high and it can damage the doors and windows. Instead, one can simply use a hose and sponge, in order to clean the doors and windows in a beautiful manner.

Regular cleaning of the doors and windows can help them to look brand new as possible. For cleaning the external doors and windows, one can call a professional. However, one can also clean it without taking the help of a professional and simply by following the DIY tips. Here is a checklist to hire the right windows and doors company!