Why is Owning Better than Hot Water Heater Rental?

During the winter months, a water heater can make a huge difference in your life. Of course, if you live in a place that is perpetually cold such as Ontario, a water heater is a necessity in your home. When it comes to getting one, you will typically have two choices before you. You can buy a water heater outright. Alternatively, you can opt for hot water heater rental.

While each one of them has their own pros and cons, buying a water heater is a much better decision than renting one. There are several reasons why this is the case.

hot water heater rental

The Problems with Renting a water heater

The Financial Outlay: At first, renting might seem like a good option. However, that is only for the short term. The costs of renting can easily add up to a significant amount after a couple of years. Some companies do allow you to keep the water heater permanently after a certain amount has been met in rentals. However, by that time, you will have paid a lot more for a water heater that is several years old. With the same amount of money, you might have been able to buy a completely new water heater.

The Repairs: Maintaining water heaters is a must. Most rental companies will offer free repair and maintenance services. However, replacements are another story. Since most companies will offer you old water heaters for rental, you may have to get parts replaced. Since parts are expensive, your costs increase significantly. A new water heater is less likely to suffer from issues requiring replacement. Moreover, the replacement might be covered within the warranty program. Rentals rarely give you a comprehensive warranty program.

The Contract: One of the major issues with renting water heaters is the contract. These contracts are typically long and quite complex. However, the main problem lies in the area of exiting the contract. It can be quite difficult to get out of a rental contract. You may even have to pay penalties or other charges to get rid of the contract.


Ownership is better

As you can see, renting a water heater is not the best of options you have, especially if you want a long term solution. If you are going to stay in your home for years down the line, it will be a much better decision to go ahead and buy a water heater.

The costs associated with a purchase may seem a lot. However, compared to the long term costs of hot water heater rental, it will be a better deal. As such, it is worth paying for a new water heater and the installation now. You will, of course, get warranties that ensure that problems in the water heater do not affect you at all.

While ownership is a better option than rental, you should always check the features of the water heater first. After all, it will be an investment for the future. As such, the water heater should be of a good quality so that it lasts for years.

Giving a Gift Basket for Easter

Easter is the time when you celebrate the onset of spring and also be a part of the religious celebrations. One of the treasured traditions of Easter is the gift basket. The custom of giving gift baskets has a long-term history. The Easter basket generally contains the spring’s first seedling and this was used for the feast held at the end of the Lent. Even though the purpose might have shifted, gift baskets are considered to be a source of enjoyment and fun. As a matter of fact, giving and receiving a gift basket Toronto offers equal fun.

Maintain a Theme

The Easter gift basket that you are making need not be an elaborate one. It is not necessary to fill in with expensive gifts. You can fill the basket the favorite thing of the recipient. If you have to make the gift basket attractive then you can choose a theme that the recipient will love. There are several themes to choose from and the theme will make it easier for you to choose the filler while making the basket a worthy one.

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Choose a Container

A conventional basket will have an iconic look and is considered to be a good container. However, you also have the option of choosing something which goes along with the theme. There are picnic baskets, wooden barrel, or a glass platter. If the recipient is a girl then you can get a beautiful bag and fill it with the things that she likes.

Select Small Gifts

While you get the gifts, you need to keep in mind that you will be able to make the basket special by adding some items that you have made personally. This will not only give the basket a personal touch but will make the person feel special.

Consider the Hobbies and Interests of the Recipient

If you know the recipient, you can make a gift basket which contains the elements which are related to the hobbies and interest of the person. For instance, if you feel that the recipient loves chocolate then you can include some handmade chocolates. If the person loves, you can include some gardening supplies.

Decorate with Flair

Doesn’t matter if the contents of the basket are typical, you will be able to make the basket different by decorating it. There are several ways to decorate a basket. You will make some creative designs if you have some glue, ribbons, and flowers in hand. You can make the basket look unique while retaining the traditional touch.

Make it Fancy

A fancier version of traditional Easter gifts is even more attractive than the conventional Easter items. You can add a bottle of champagne or wine to the basket.

The best part about personalizing the gift basket for Easter is that you will be able to make something which is actually the reflection of the recipient. Even if you purchase the Easter basket, you will be able to jazz it up with the help of the tips. Do not forget to add something religious for the occasion.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Asphalt Shingle Roofs

A roof of the house is one of the most important elements as it gives your shelter and helps you protect from the outer environment. Marinating your roof becomes very important for every business owner to ensure that no leakages occur. With so many expensive options and materials to choose from for the roof shingles, one stands out is the asphalt shingle roof. Asphalt shingles only cost a portion of the price of some of the elite materials such as cedar and metal which also last longer. Asphalt shingles tend to give the adequate protection and gives a good aesthetic appeal.

Asphalt shingles come in two types of forms, organic asphalt shingles and fibre-glass asphalt shingles. The organic ones are based on waster paper while the fibre glass is made the glass fiber reinforced mat. There are many reasons to choose asphalt shingles as your roof material but there are also negative implications.

Asphalt roofing


Easy to install: Asphalts roof shingles are the easiest to install of all the available roofing materials. For the other materials you would need some specialized expert roofing contractor while asphalt shingles can easily be installed by any normal roofing contractor. They are also light weight in nature which makes it easier to install in a matter of days without any support required.

Affordability: One of the greatest advantage of buying asphalt shingles is that they only cost a fraction of other materials. Most home owners prefer using this material as it has a life span of 12 to 15 years. Since it’s so easy to install, the cost is also less to install as you don’t require some special tools.

Variety of Styles: Being a cheaper price does not mean that they do not come in style. They come in many styles, such as laminated and the premium. The shingles also come in every single color and the architectural ones provide a good 3d look for your house.


Not environmental friendly: The shingles requires a lot of energy and process of making asphalt and they emit a lot of green house gases. Another issue is that old asphalt shingles cannot be recycled hence causing more pollution

Temperature issues: Asphalt shingles cannot handle extreme temperature rise and drop. And they are more preferred in cooler climates. Extreme hot temperatures can cause the shingles to crack open easily. Installing asphalt shingles below 0 degrees can also cause a lot damage.

Your roof needs to be fully sturdy and strong to ensure that you are getting the maximum protection. Every home owner needs to decide what sort roofing material they need to ensure that their shelter is secure. Home owners also need to decide how much budget they can allocate as the premier material such as metal and cedar are a lot expensive and cost a lot more to install. Asphalt shingles has many advantages and disadvantages but cost relatively low. Choose wisely and consult with professional roofing contractor before picking the right material.